Our patented line of disposable marinade injection bags are simple, safe, and environmentally friendly to dispose of after a single use.

Our product is far less intimidating than the injection syringes that dominate the marinade injection market today.

Company Milestones

– Idea conception and provisional filing March 2014

– Preliminary prototype development April 2014

– LLC formed May 2014

– Utility patents filed December 2014

– Website launched January 2015

– Product introduced at Fancy Foods tradeshow in San Francisco, CA, January 2015

Ed Wold

Partner and Mechanical Engineer
& hot sauce lover

Ed is a mechanical engineer with intellectual property experience in prior art searching, research, design and prototyping of innovative mechanical apparatuses. He develops products and manages engineering design to coordinate with patent-related processes. He has experience in drafting patent applications and drawings for the USPTO.  Ed has knowledge in assessing marketability of innovative products and processes. He develops patent strategy to maximize efficiency with internal Intellectual Property assets and to negotiate the licensing of those assets. Edwin is adept in management, coordinating prototype development, policy making, and training employees. Ed loves to travel and to live an adventurous life.

Rex Adams

Partner and Inventor
& wild game hunter

Rex is an inventive mind; a visionary in dreaming up innovative mechanical devices that make our daily lives easier. He sees a need, analyzes potential solutions and endeavors to produce practical tangible products that consumers love. Rex is both creative and logical as he develops products from conception — to prototype — to ‘market-ready’ product. He has vast experience in various mechanical trades and has a real ‘hands-on’ approach to ensure quality is met through the various phases of product development. Rex is an avid outdoorsman and is deeply involved in the conservation of wildlife.

Jeff Herman

Partner and Attorney
& expert marinade tester

Jeff is an attorney licensed in California and admitted before the Supreme Court. In addition to having legal expertise in trademark law and contracts, he endeavors to stay informed on new technologies and is savvy in website development. Jeff practices in select areas of Federal Law, primarily intellectual property, and represents Marinade Injection Systems, LLC in licensing and assignment negotiations. In his free time, Jeff enjoys spanning the globe sampling all different kinds of cultures and cuisines. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.