What’s the advantage of using your injection product for marinating?

People love injecting marinade and other seasonings into their favorite meat. Our product is super easy to use and then discard in an environmentally-friendly manner (recyclable).  An injector needle is provided integral with the packaging in each model of our patent-pending line of marinade injectors.  Our injectors all share a common theme for providing convenience in squeeze-dispensing marinade into a user’s choice of meat. After use, the injector and marinade packaging is safely disposable. No mess no fuss. Our product is designed so that it can be used on a regular basis not just for special events such as cooking the holiday turkey. We provide a means to consistently enjoy juicy and flavorful chicken, roasts, wild game many times a week.

What’s the disadvantage of other injectors on the market?

Syringe versions presently on the market may be a safety hazard and are intimidating to the consumer-user. The present devices may be difficult/uncomfortable to use, time-consuming to fill time after time and may pose a danger for cross-contamination during food preparation. Bag marinating takes a great deal more preparation time and planning. In bag version marinades typically only the surface of the meat is flavored and moistened/tenderized. Our marinades are injected deep into the meat so balanced flavor and moisture is enjoyed throughout.

What can I marinade?

Meats of all kinds (especially lean/tougher cuts of meat such as cheaper cuts of meat and/or wild game meat that may be ‘dry’ when cooked traditionally—juice them up); vegetables; and fruits—be creative and have fun in the kitchen and at the barbeque.

What is your manufacturing capability?

Manufacturing, printing of graphics on the packaging, filling with product, and shipping.

What size are the bags?

6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. Other bag sizes available upon request.

What is your graphics ability for packaging?

5 colors on basic packaging. More colors available upon request.

How do I license your product?

We are open to many types of licensing or assignment arrangements and working with companies of varying sizes and needs. Please send any licensing requests to our legal department at Jeff@MarinadeInjectionSystems.com

Can I order your product directly?

At this time we are offering our product only on a wholesale basis.