Injector Styles

As consumers return to their kitchens, they also are seeking sauces and dressings and other “fix-ups” that include restaurant- and ethnic-style flavors to maintain a feeling for the professional touch familiar in foods prepared away from home. Manufacturers are stepping up to the plate with products that focus on the hot marketing trends of convenience and health, while adhering to the demands of an informed consumer palate.

Marinade Facts

Gourmet/specialty condiments, dressings and marinades were at $1.4 billion in 2010 in FDMx (Food, Drug, Marketing except) and natural supermarkets.
As the fifth-largest segment in specialty food overall, the marinade category grew 9.7% from 2008-2010, keeping up with the overall market’s growth of 10.4%.

Sales of cooking sauces and marinades and are expected to top $500 million in 2015 (Mintel).

Benefits of our Marinade Injection System

  • Cutting edge: the future of marinade injection™
  • Aesthetically-pleasing presentation on shelf
  • Inexpensive to manufacture
  • Less intimidating than syringe needles dominating the market
  • Value-add to existing product line
  • Disposable and green friendly