n. the donation of land by an individual or institution to the government, usually for a street, park or school, as part and condition of a real estate development. The local county or city (or any other public institution) must accept the dedication before it is completed. In many cases, there are “dedicated” roads on old subdivision maps that have never been officially accepted and do not actually belong to anyone. Neighbouring owners may take legal action to give them ownership of the street or unclaimed (unclaimed) property or (tacit titen action) or ask for the task of the government that has not accepted the road or other property. (See: calm action) A dedication may be made in accordance with the common law or the legal provisions. A common law application is not subject to the U.S. Indeterminacy Act, which requires certain agreements to be entered into in writing. It is therefore not necessary to express in writing a common assignment of the law in order to be effective; It is based on Estoppel. When the landowner indicates that his land is to be used for public purposes and then public use is carried out, the landowner is prevented or prevented from questioning the existence of public law. Commitment. It`s a ceremony of appropriation.

It can be explicit or implicit. 2. An explicit dedication of the ownership of public exploitation is done through direct appropriation of that use, and it will be applied. 2 Peters, 566; 6 Hill, N. Y. Rep. 407. 3. However, a dedication of ownership of public or religious uses may be implicit in the actions of the owner. The public`s permission to use a street without a bar or handicap for eight or even six years is a sign of devotion to the public.

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