She, unconsciously, to be heard, and full of the new passion that the adventure of that night had produced, called her lover by name (which she had supposedly absent). “O Romeo, Romeo!” she said, “Why are you Romeo? Deny your Father and reject your name for me; or if you don`t want to, just be my sworn love, and I won`t be a Capulet anymore. Romeo began to call heaven to testify that nothing was further from his thoughts than to imply a shadow of shame on such an honored lady when she stopped him and begged him not to curse; for although she rejoiced in him, she was not happy with the contract that night – it was too hasty, too little mentioned, too sudden. But as he desperately wanted to exchange a vow of love with her that night, she said that she had already given him her vow of love before he asked for it, which meant when he heard her confession; but she would withdraw what she gave then for the pleasure of giving it back, for her fullness was as infinite as the sea and her love so profound. From this loving lecture, she was called by her nurse, who slept with her and thought it was time for her to be in bed, because it was just before dawn; but she came back early and said three or four more words to Romeo, whose affirmation was that if his love was truly honorable and his marriage of convenience, she would send him a messenger tomorrow to designate a moment for his marriage in which she would put all her fortune at his feet and follow him around the world as her master. While establishing this point, Juliet was called several times by her nurse and came in and came back and went and came back again, for she seemed just as jealous that Romeo had left her as a young girl of her bird, which she let jump a little from her hand and tear back with a silky thread; and Romeo was just as reluctant to separate as she was, for the sweetest music for lovers is the sound of each other`s tongues at night. But eventually, they separated and wished each other a gentle sleep and rest for that night. With this poison, he went to Verona to see his dear lady in his grave, which means, if he had satisfied her sight, swallow the poison and be buried at her side. He arrived in Verona at midnight and found the cemetery, in the middle of which was the ancient tomb of the Capulets. He had provided a light, a spade and a torn one, and continued to open the monument when it was interrupted by a voice asking him, under the name of VILE MONTAGUE, to move away from his illegal trade.

It was the young Count Paris who had come to Juliet`s grave at that unusual time of night to sprinkle flowers and cry over the grave of her, who should have been his fiancée. .