23. The user must not create and distribute software of any kind using any of the product`s application programming components or interfaces. This license can only be used for user productivity within the user`s organization and related businesses. If the user is trying to create independent software with the product components, the user must contact memoQ Ltd. to enter into a separate redistribution or partnership agreement. 29. No liability for third-party services: For the use of third-party modules or services, the user is in direct agreement with the author, distributor, owner or operator of the modules or services. MemoQ Ltd. is expressly exempt from liability for the operation of third-party modules or services.

However, if memoQ is notified of the damage caused by a third-party module or service, they will do everything in their power to prevent further damage or to prevent the future use of such modules or services. Validity without signature: This license agreement is valid without the express signature of one of the parties. 45. In relation to the product, the user can offer support and maintenance services. These services are not part of the product and are not part of the product license. Assistance and maintenance must be purchased separately by entering into a service contract between the user and memoQ Ltd. The service contract is not part of this license agreement, and both agreements are independent, except that the user must have at least one valid license for the product to enter into a service contract. License certificate: Proof of the license is the physical or electronic copy of the invoice held by the user. In the absence of this, the user must either hold a specific licensing agreement, an academic program agreement, or be in a valid testing phase of the software. In the latter case, the proof of the license is a copy of the email that the user receives from memoQ Ltd. when he logs into the trial version of the product. 61.

This license is the entire license agreement between the user and memoQ Ltd. which replaces all other licensing agreements or discussions, orally or in writing, and can only be amended by a signed agreement.