(i) an agreement is, in real terms, a single transaction or a single trade agreement that would lead to a credit contract to which these regulations would apply, but in a form that those regulations clearly do not apply and 14. 1) If necessary, subject to paragraph 2, the creditor informs the consumer of any changes in the interest rate on paper or on any other sustainable medium. before the amendment comes into effect. The information should indicate the amount of payments to be made after the new interest rate comes into effect and, if the number or frequency of payments changes, in detail. (a) to make the withdrawal effective before the expiry of the period covered by paragraph 1, it informs the lender, in accordance with the information provided by the lender in accordance with Regulation 13, paragraph 3, paragraph o), in a manner that proves the meaning of the notice in accordance with the law, and (k) in the case of a credit contract in accordance with Regulation 3, paragraph 2 , provide information on applicable royalties from the date these agreements are concluded and, if applicable, on the conditions to be met. where these fees may be changed, and (b) where a service contract is required to obtain credit or to obtain it on the terms marketed, the costs associated with ancillary benefits related to the credit contract (including insurance premiums); 2. Subject to paragraphs 3 to 6, the lender concerned is entitled, in the event of early repayment of a loan, to fair and objectively justified compensation for the possible costs directly related to the prepayment if the prepayment occurs within a fixed period for which the interest rate is set. The directive stipulates that compensation for the prepayment of fixed-rate loans must not exceed 1% (or 0.5% if the fixed interest rate is kept for less than one year) of the amount of prepayment of the credit. The creation of a threshold of 10,000 euros, which does not provide for a prepayment from one year to the next, offers consumers an improved advantage in repaying consumers before maturity, if the opportunity arises. If applicable, the user fee for a specific payment method (for example. B a credit card) If, in order to obtain the credit or to obtain it on commercial terms, it is mandatory to take out an insurance policy that insures the credit or – another ancillary benefit contract,If the cost of these services is not known to the lender, they are not included in the RPA.

6. Where an ancillary benefit related to a credit contract is provided by the lender concerned or by a third party on the basis of an agreement between the third party and the creditor, the consumer concerned is no longer bound by the ancillary service contract when the consumer exercises the right to withdraw the credit contract in accordance with this regulation. 1. A consumer may, at any time, obtain the open termination of an open credit contract free of charge, unless the parties have agreed to notice. Such a period cannot exceed one month. (f) a statement that the consumer may be asked to repay the full amount of the loan at any time, upon request; EUROPEAN COMMUNIES (CONSUMER CREDIT AGREEMENTS) REGULATIONS 2010 (2) The consumer is informed of an assignment covered in paragraph 1, unless the original creditor continues to serve the credit to the consumer in agreement with the client.