What environment do you need to study? You shouldn`t have to run away from your room to get a place to study, but your room shouldn`t be a 24-hour rest sanctuary. Most students think their roommate is in order because they have said nothing else. Conflicts in this area are usually the result of poor communication of needs. You have a responsibility to be flexible when someone asks for a quiet time to study, as well as the responsibility to be reasonable with your need for rest. There are many ways to get closer to a roommate agreement. Many agreements are a model and can provide you with general areas and proposed rules. When are you going to go to bed? Getting up in the morning? Late nights quickly become part of the university routine, while 8:00 a.m. Classes are inevitable for many. Be sure to contact your roommate about your weekly schedule. It will take time to get used to another person`s sleep patterns, so it is important that you communicate early and often about each other`s sleep needs. In any case, you should talk about it with your roommate, even a little, so you both know when the other usually goes to bed when they tend to sleep when one of you comes home much later than the other, etc.

And when it comes to going to bed, you should talk about whether, after a while, you need absolute silence and absolute darkness to sleep, or if you can sleep with the light on or music or television games (it`s true if one of you gets up well before the other). Even if you don`t want to use a formal roommate agreement, you should still discuss these important issues with your new dorms. Make sure you do it as early in the semester! BTW: There is a roommate model at the end of this article you can also download and use, only in case you need it! You are expected to experience even smaller conflicts in your room – it`s just part of life with someone else! If ineffective implementation techniques or implementation techniques are not implemented, this will help to resolve any problems that may arise with residents. It is incredibly rare for someone to hear and understand your concerns without you expressing them clearly. Talk to your roommate after you have reached your roommate agreement on how to address a problem. (Note that conflict prevention is a guarantee of persistent conflict!) In our communication tips, you will find some ideas to deal with problematic situations in your room. Creating a roommate agreement is a way to set some limits and expectations with your roommate before problems arise. Some areas most likely to lead to conflict are included in the agreement.