The contract manager, who acts as your representative, will guide you every step of the way, from the organization of offers to the recommendation of a general contractor until the owner arrives. This will help contain your budget and provide maximum protection against contractual delays and litigation. (ii) appropriate qualified personnel. Since the owner`s representatives are generally responsible for monitoring, monitoring and evaluating all aspects of the project and project team, a winning representative of the owner should have a complete understanding of a wide range of technical, administrative and contractual issues as well as an effective communication style. Owners should thoroughly interview and review several references to the key personnel proposed for the project and respect the contractual obligations that these individuals are in the workplace until they are completed. In addition, homeowners` representatives should not only have a high level of competence, not only with respect to traditional project management and management processes and methods, but also with respect to building information models, computerized planning programs, web-based file and information management systems, and other technical and technical tools used by sophisticated construction and construction companies. Owners involved in large-scale projects that lack internal project management skills rely on the third-party representative to understand, manage and use these tools during the project, and after occupancy, but not all owner`s representatives have the resources and skills to effectively use these systems and advise the owner on the proper implementation. This inconsistency in scope, terminology and authority can pose a significant risk to the owner and the owner`s representative. Historically, it was assumed that the services provided by the owner`s representatives presented little risk of professional liability or contract performance. However, because owner representatives are commonplace and their impact on project management, performance, quality, budgeting and timing have been better understood, their roles have received more attention when things go wrong. In addition, owners` representatives have been largely successful in expanding their range of services to sell more services to their customers, exposing them to additional risks and responsibilities.

Our mission as the owner`s representative is to offer our customers a direct link between the owner and the contractor. Too often, an owner is forced to pay large bills without fully understanding the process and his rights as an owner before doing so.