Proof of authorization represents any document or data set that has only been made available to you after the acquisition of a software license. 7. IBM Customer Agreement (ICA) – is an agreement under which IBM software products are licensed. The ICA defines the terms and conditions, warranties, terms of service, machines or terms of service of a transaction in which the customer acquires machines, ICA program licenses, acquired program licenses and acquired services (including, but not limited, to IBM`s personalized development and support services, business consulting and maintenance services). 1. International Product License Agreement (IPLA) – is the type of agreement used by IBM to license software distributed worldwide. The IPLA, including licensing documents (LI), grants customers a non-exclusive license to use IBM software. All software under the IPLA has a warranty. IPLA applies to IBM software such as data management tools, application development tools, IBM System Management Tools and Software for a Host-Based Linux Environment, z.B. WebSphere Application Server for Linux on System IBM z BladeCenter Extension (p.BX) Model 004 and IBM zEnterpriseā„¢ BladeCenter Extension (zBX) have certain features that contain separate licensed codes. Feature 0612, Power Blade Enablement, contains IBM Virtual I/O Server code licensed as part of the attached licensing agreement. 5. International Passport Advantage / Passport Advantage Express Agreements (IPAA) – are contracts between IBM and its customers for the combined purchase of software licenses, subscription and software support, IBM Appliances and IBM SaaS subscriptions.

Under the Passport Advantage agreements, IBM offers customers the ability to obtain permissions to use, update and support certain programs at volume prices. A customer can order a platform or multiple platforms, product or entire suites for a site or network of offices worldwide. Passport Advantage meets the requirements of large multi-site companies and offers better discounts for volume purchases over time. It also includes the various commitments and rights that have been agreed, the impact on the purchased software and related conditions, restrictions, exceptions and obligations. Passport Advantage Express has been designed for small and medium-sized businesses with a site and has a consistent price level. Extensions are done by transaction rather than synchronized to a single birthday. 8. End user license agreement (end user license agreement) – is an agreement between the software provider and the end user. New users will present the CLA for acceptance during installation/download. The ECJ presents the terms of use of the software on the client`s device. The software license documents you receive with your IBM software contain important information about the use, management and transfer of licensed programs.

These licensing documents, which must be taken into account in order to have an effective licensing position, include both private (offline) and public (online) sources that are relevant to ensure that your qualification is up to date. 4. International Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance (IAASM) – is an agreement that describes the conditions under which software maintenance is provided. Based on the maintenance contract, the customer receives information about error correction, program updates and technical assistance.