The collective agreement has expired and is being renegotiated by the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. Therefore, printed copies of the agreement are not currently distributed. AUPE`s objective is to have union stewards on all construction sites. Stewards are union activists trained to help union members solve a large number of problems and problems with their employer. Your union administrator is your first line of defense if you ever have a problem with your job. Trustees are ready to help you if you feel you have been harassed, uns disciplined, or if the employer has ignored the provisions of the collective agreement to deny you things to which you are entitled. Meet with your union administrators and don`t hesitate to share your concerns with them. This is your right under all AUPE contracts. In fact, if you have questions about your collective agreement, your steward is your first source of information. Collective agreements are legally binding contracts between a group of workers (the union) and an employer that set the benefits agreed by both parties during bargaining periods.

When workers choose to join the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, they join Alberta`s largest and most effective union. The AUPE has more than 250 bargaining units that negotiate collective agreements on behalf of their members. The AUPE also ensures that fair and reasonable conditions obtained in previous negotiations remain in force. Lethbridge College is made up of several groups of employees, each with its own specific terms and conditions of employment. Collective agreements and additional resources are available via the following links. In addition to respecting collective agreements, all employees must comply with Lethbridge College guidelines and procedures. The AUPE is funded by all members who enjoy the benefits of a collective agreement and union representation. Each member pays 1.25% of their base salary to AUPE in the form of deductible union dues (dues are not paid for overtime or bonuses). This sentence may be changed only by a two-thirds majority of the delegates at the annual meeting. The democratically elected delegates sent to the congress determine how AUPE money is spent.

Between agreements, provincial enforcement controls expenditures and financial reports are available to all members for review upon request. .