4. Hypothesis. The customer must examine the goods after receipt and, within two (2) working days of delivery, the customer must inform the seller of any claim for damages for non-conformity, condition, quality, damage, defect or quality of the goods, and the customer must provide in detail the basis of the claim. The customer agrees that, to be appropriate, the notification must be made within (2) working days of delivery. Failure by the customer to comply with these conditions constitutes irrevocable acceptance of the goods by the customer. The fact that a party may accept or tolerate a service under this sales contract has no influence on the importance of this contract, even if the party who accepts or tolerates the service knows the nature of the service and has the appropriate means to contradict it. By posting, posting or other material of User Content on or through the property of CES, you grant CES a limited, non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensed, worldwide, fully paid-up, free, paid, modification, public performance, public display, reproduction and broadcast of such content in all media known or developed below, without payment being made to you or to third parties or the It is necessary to obtain permission from a third party. This license includes the right to host, index, store, distribute and identify User Content, as well as the right to sublicense User Content to third parties (including other users) for use with marketing or on other media or platforms known or developed below. You always retain all ownership rights in your User Content and you always have the right to use your User Content in any way, subject to these Terms and the license described therein.

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