With a celebrity confidentiality agreement, anyone who finds themselves in the lives of celebrities should be silent, especially for their personal or financial life. The agreement will continue even if the celebrity loses contact with the person concerned. The agreement creates a platform for celebrities to preserve their personal lives as well as any other confidential public sector information or activity, as they see fit. This is a confidentiality activity that must be carried out with a reciprocal commitment of two or more parties. During Sheen`s “Tiger Blood” phase, he was known to give confidentiality agreements to all the women he slept with, according to In Touch. If someone breaks the NDA, they`ll be hit with a $100,000 fine. Is there a confidentiality agreement? Does that happen and no one believes them? Do these celebrities know how to choose people noble enough not to kiss and tell? Does it happen all the time and I don`t have much to do on the Internet? All celebrities have incredible sexual abilities and huge penises, so this scenario is impossible? The non-recognition of the difference between monetary interests and data protection is the reason why confidentiality agreements developed on behalf of celebrities rarely value the paper on which they are written. An analysis of celebrity confidentiality agreements shows that not properly characterizing protected interests is a common mistake. The author should also bear in mind that, as the Beckham case painfully shows, a third party, like a newspaper, may attempt to induce a celebrity`s employee to violate his confidentiality agreement.

It is therefore appropriate to include provisions in the agreement that discourage the participation of third parties from informing these third parties of the liability and costs they might bear if they conspire to induce the worker to break his contract with the celebrity and, in another way, to undermine the expected economic advantage of celebrity in the sale of the information itself. In addition to going to the press, an NDA can also affect an artist`s ability to share a celebrity`s tattoo experience on social media. While almost all artists would take the opportunity to share a tattoo he made on a celebrity, because of the incredible impact it can have on their business, tattoo artists must be careful and respect their client`s wishes. “Some of my clients don`t object to me sharing their tattoos with the world, but I always ask permission,” says Reese. “Your life is always under the microscope, and I am aware of that.” It should be clear to the reader that an effective agreement on celebrity and employee confidentiality will be a more complex document than the initial unilateral agreement between Tom Cruise and Judita Gomez.