1.2.5. Payments made by the buyer for tickets purchased for the organizer`s event are credited to Trisbee`s bank account. The settlement of transactions received between Trisbee and the organiser is then made in accordance with the agreement of the parties (ticketing agency agreement) and these terms and conditions. 3.2. Trisbee and the organizer always agree on the organizer`s specific requirements for intermediation of the ticketing for an event and the promotion of an organizer. They also agree on the purpose and extent of their cooperation – all the conditions of the event such as the date and venue, etc., the number of tickets put on sale via Trisbee, the start and end of the ticket online, the different types and prices of tickets, the conditions of promotion of the event on the Trisbee website designated for this purpose and other conditions. Such an agreement can be made orally or in writing or on mutually confirmed e-mail messages; At the same time as these terms and conditions, such an agreement constitutes a contract between the contracting parties. Unless Trisbee and the organizer agree otherwise regarding the promotion of an event, Trisbee is expected to be able to promote the event of the event organizer independently and, at the same time, that Trisbee can also promote its participation in the event. 3.9. At the conclusion of this contract, Trisbee and the organiser agreed that the amount corresponding to the buyer`s payments for the tickets received by Trisbee after deducting the remuneration will be paid to the organiser within 10 working days of the closing of the event on the bank account submitted to the deposit and communicated to Trisbee for this purpose. , including, if applicable, the variable symbol that identifies the transaction. , to the sending.

If the organizer, who is paying LA TVA, indicates a bank account not registered for vat purposes, Trisbee is allowed to refuse to refund the funds at the previous rate until the organizer Trisbee confirms a bank account number registered for VAT purposes and Trisbee refunds the funds provided for the organizer to that account.